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No one can deny this: The services sector is a strength of Latvia that should be further strengthened. And technology can improve certain types of services and perform certain tasks we need, as well as improve the Services industry as a whole.
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Knowing how to keep your phone clean is important at all times, but with COVID-19 it's more important than ever. During a coronavirus pandemic, the focus is on cleaning and cleanliness - you can wash everything regularly, from your hands to the door handles, and it's a good idea to make sure your...
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Today, technology is evolving so fast that annual trend forecasts may seem outdated before they are even published. Technological developments allow us to change and progress even faster, causing the pace of change to accelerate until it becomes apparent.
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Dzīve ir nemitīga plūsma – notikumi un vietas nomaina viens otru. Ir svarīgi, lai šajā dzīves hronoloģijā ir nosprausti mērķi uz kuriem tiekties. Un arī mēs esam gandarīti parādīt mūsu izaugsmi, it īpaši ja viņa ir tik veiksmīga un skaista kā mūsu jaunais veikals!